Team #MMP

MMP stands for “Men Moving Positive”.  This movement is set to inspire ALL individuals who aspire to be and do whatever they set their hearts and minds to.  We intend to set the example and be the movement that is within arms reach, or in this case, just a click away.  We believe this will help both current and future generations make better, quicker, and more meaningful decisions for themselves.  This is in parallel with making a powerful impact on changing the world as we know it today in a positive way.  


If you believe in yourself, believe in it to the fullest, and work hard for what you believe in.


Jeremy Mincey (mr.mince)

Jeremy (Mr. Mince) Mincey is the owner and CEO of Mr. Mince Productions, Inc. Born and raised in Statesboro, Georgia a few miles west of Savannah, Georgia. Mr. Mince always had a passion for music, he loved the art of poetry so he decided to write music at the age of 10. He always loved country, rap, hip hop, and soul music.
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Born with immense gifts and talent, Composer Victor “Phazz” Clark is a highly innovative, creative and versatile production powerhouse offering a plethora of multimedia services to corporate clientele as well as music, sports, film, and television entertainment industries.  Victor is the CEO of three companies, Phazzanation Studios, Top of the Line Media Inc. and Victor Clark Clothing Company.
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Dj London

The producer/rapper Andrew Lyn, also known as DJ London, was born on April 20th, 1992 in London, England. As a child, Andrew was exposed to a variety of musical influences due to his ethnicity, as well as his father’s past in the music industry.  The most common genre of music he was exposed to as a child  was reggae and dancehall.  His upbringing in South East London, the birthplace of modern dubstep and UK grime, also Impacted Andrew’s music career in the early stages, and continues to do so today.
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LaCarlton “Nuke” Braxton (born August 13, 1977), better known to many by his stage nuke Nukefie, is a upcoming inspiring lyricist and artist from Macon Georgia with the striving ambitious to make it to the top in his rap career. His new singles Forgiveness and Street Raised was released on August 16, 2014.
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Fat Boi

The Savannah, Georgia born producer got his start in 1998 as a producer for a Savannah, Georgia native Camoflauge, arguably Savannah's first hip-hop artist. Camoflauge and Fatboi created underground classics and the summer sex anthem "Cut Friends" in 2001 under Universal Records. Camoflauge was killed in 2003 leaving a dark cloud on Fatboi's career being that he was an in-house producer at Pure Pain Records. 
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Rashad <Fharoe> Prince is the founder and "Head Hacker" of FharoezTomb Inc.  Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, at a young age he discovered his true passion for gaming, computers, and hacking.  He also has a natural love for music as well.  With family in both Atlanta, Georgia as well as London, England, there was no limitations to the different types of music styles he would immerse himself in.  This is especially true while gaming, coding, and hacking.

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |

|     <Hack>     |

|       <the>       | 

|     <Planet>   |

| ______| 

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